Leslie William Green (1875-1908)
The ubiquitous design constraints of a local station building often confines them to a backwater of architectural acclaim. Until his daughter Vera Stubbs (then 92 years of age) gave me this picture of her father, his face was practically unknown. Leslie Green stations, though, most certainly are. See Station Exteriors >>
In 1903, with tube tunnel construction already in full swing, the 29-year old Leslie William Green had been appointed by the Yerkes syndicate.
In his application for Fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in 1907, Green stated: “Early in 1903 I was appointed Architect to the Underground Electric Railway Company of London Limited, which was formed for the construction of the Baker Street & Waterloo, the Great Northern Piccadilly & Brompton, and the Charing Cross, Euston & Hampstead Tube Railways. Since that time I have designed and completed the erection of more than 50 Tube Station Buildings, besides designing and carrying out the decorative works to station tunnels, platforms and passages....”
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