London's New Bus Blinds

As noted on my Home Page, I have had a long-standing interest and respect for the work of Edward Johnston; the buttons and titles on this website being my own designs following his principles.

Some years ago now I was getting agitated by London’s bus destination blind displays and found myself discussing this at senior level within Transport for London. This led to a commission to re-design all of them, probably getting on for 9000 displays. With this well under way I wrote an article which was published in The Londoner (issue 7 April/May 2016). This was necessarily quite brief and has led to this more explanatory piece here.

The link to the right will open the full document as a PDf in a new window.


If you are interested to see how bus blinds were produced before computer technology was used, have a look at:

The following link shows how the blinds are printed nowadays, from the artworks I provide to McKenna Brothers: (2016)

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